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Video Game Consoles!

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Consoles make awesome robots!

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by ㅌㅗㄴ

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Permission was granted by the artist to use this image.

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Ngayong Friday na! #OneMinuteforPH #onemillion #mtwiph #minute2winitph #TulongPH
#OneMinuteForPH #1M4PH #mtwiph #minute2winitph #yolandaPH #onemillion #Repost from @paolo_fajardo

If I start asking what my existence is for…
I might stop working and continuing this life.
-rephrase from Angel Beats

The Crepe that tasted like chicken carbonara. Still, I love #CafeBreton

Ohmygeeee. Super gwapooooo!

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When he dances :P


Halloween Costume en We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/77970265/via/coriinthecity
If one day, I might fall from this window, I wish I would be able to fly.
#squaready yarr. Late post. Hate late. Yarr
Hello there new friends. #book #consumercultureyuck #backissues

It’s hard to be weird.
It’s hard having others perceive you as the “other”.
It’s hard to be a minority.
It’s hard to be flawed.
It’s hard to control your own state of “normal”-ness from showing through a built facade of various things.
It’s hard to protect oneself from getting hurt.
It’s hard to be myself.